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can anyone translate IBMish into English, please
~Kim Opgerotexobu 02/26/2007 12:00 PM
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Last month, IBM announced ( that it is withdrawing IBM Workplace Messaging V2.6.0 from the market and offering a Domino product in its place. But ...

I can't find any reference to a product by that name. All searches with the product code bring me to IBM Workplace Collaborative Services v2.6. Before I make a fool of myself and say "I told you so" to a buyer who ignored my recommendation to buy Sametime and went instead for WCS - is this what IBM is withdrawing? Is it the messaging component of WCS, or a different thing altogether???

I would love to go back to them and get them to come into the Domino world, but I simply don't understand the language IBM is using.

Anyone got a better idea than me - please help.

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